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  1. 彩宝贝出 Kotlin 免费在线课程

  2. 谷歌将于明年3月停用Play游戏服务的多人联机API

  3. 谷歌将于10月15日发布Pixel 4智能手机

  4. 运行Android 10的Google Pixel 4 XL 5G现身Geekbench


  1. Android 中低内存对性能的影响

  2. 实现一个属于你的“语言”-携程Kotlin DSL开发与实践

  3. Kotlin 的协程用力瞥一眼 - 学不会协程?很可能因为你看过的教程都是错的


  1. Kaspresso

    a UiTest framework based on Espresso, UIAutomator and Kakao and assisting to write right and no-pain ui tests.

  2. adam

    Android Debug Bridge helper written in Kotlin

  3. Moshi-sealed

    Reflective and code gen implementations for serializing Kotlin sealed classes via Moshi polymorphic adapters.

  4. AndroidUtilCodeKTX

    该类库利用 Kotlin 语言特性合理封装了 Android 开发中的常用操作,同时也收集了开发过程中的常用工具类。 旨在做同样的事情,写最少的代码,提升开发效率。

  5. BusyBee

    an alternative API for IdlingResources in Espresso tests. You can use BusyBee instead of CountingIdlingResource to get better log messages and improve your ability to debug problems related to IdlingResources.

  6. Activity Lifecycle Monitor

  7. LoopingViewPager

    A ViewPager and PagerAdapter combination that support auto scroll, infinite loop and page indicators.

  8. lint-checks

    a project that contains custom Android Lint checks for frequently occurred mistakes we usually notice during our team's merge reviews. By applying these lint checks you don't need to care about the mistakes they can prevent.

  9. Kotlin Compile Testing

    A library for testing Kotlin and Java annotation processors, compiler plugins and code generation

  10. SuperTextView

    帮助Android开发者快速实现常见渲染效果,比如:圆角、边框、文字描边或空心效果、展示最多 2 个 Drawable 以及控制大小及位置、渐变色背景、触摸变色、展示图片,包括网络图片、为图片设置圆角和边框、修改 Drawable 的颜色和旋转角度、文字渐变色效果、为 Drawable 区域单独设置点击事件、支持 Gif 图展示、为 Gif 图添加边框,以及圆角、支持 Gif 图暂停/播放、修改帧率
    支持提取指定 **Gif 帧

  11. KinApp

    A Kotlin In App Purchase library that lets you easily manage your billing process in Android

  12. ParallaxScrollingView

    Parallax scrolling either by offset or automatically.

  13. AndroidResourceExtensions

    Convenience extension methods for android's auto-generated /res folder R. class.

  14. StreamingAndroidLogger

    Convenient logger that adds support to having multiple different loggers and different log levels for each one of them. e.g. LogcatLogger, CrashlyticsLogger, On-Device-Weblogging, UDP (e.g. Papertrail), SystemLogging.

  15. AndroidVideoTranscoder

    On device extracting images from videos - creating video from images.

  16. DBTools Room for Android

    an library that makes it even easier to work with Google Room Library and SQLite Databases.

  17. RxDebounceClick

    A simple library to prevent debounce click on Android widget,convert into RxJava.

  18. LEGO-Catalog

    A LEGO® Catalog app illustrating current Android Architecture state using Android development best practices.


  1. Android Views and Widgets Samples Repository

    This repository contains a set of individual Android Studio projects to help you get started writing/understanding Android views and widgets features.

  2. Android User Interface Samples Repository

    Multiple samples showing the best practices in user-interface on Android.

  3. MotionLayoutExamples

    This is a sample app demonstrating UX/UI animations using MotionLayout.


  1. Hagu

    Gradle plugin to enable Kotlin build configuration secrets for Kotlin, Kotlin-Native / Multiplatform.

  2. BuildConfig Gradle-plugin

    A BuildConfig plugin for Gradle java projects

  3. thinApkFile

    一个用于删除apk中无用的 java resources 的 gradle plugin

  4. composer-gradle-plugin

    Gradle task type and plugin for interacting with


  1. Panache

    🎨 Flutter Material Theme editor

  2. Quitter

    一款 macOS 定时自动隐藏或退出程序的工具,由著名开发者 Marco Arment(Instapaper、Overcast 的作者)开发,旨在减少注意力分散,更加专注眼前工作。

  3. Thief-Book

    一款可以在任务栏、桌面、TouchBar上进行摸鱼的最强的跨平台摸鱼神器,支持小说、股票、按键翻页、鼠标翻页、自动翻页让你体验不同的工作 996,上班族必备神器

  4. AndroPyTool

    A framework for automated extraction of static and dynamic features from Android applications

  5. jEnv

    Manage your Java environment

  6. Open On Android

    Open anything on your android phone

  7. Jackplay

    a JVM tracing tool that helps you troubleshoot application behaviour. It works at JVM level and supports languages like Java, Groovy, Clojure, etc.


  1. Kotlin 协程的挂起好神奇好难懂?今天我把它的皮给扒了


  1. 🎮 中文 DOS 游戏

    中文 DOS 游戏合集


  1. 反向面试



  1. 维度:数学漫步完整版 by 斯坦福桥科技Frank大叔


  2. 独家专访曹德旺:与发达国家进行竞争,制造业一定不能丢

  3. Alex Honnold首次TED公开演讲自由攀岩酋长岩


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